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The very best customs compliance advice

When it comes to customs regulations, the last thing you want is to be on the wrong side of HMRC. There are strict requirements that must be met, which are subject to complex changes and may differ from country to country.


This means keeping up with the rapidly changing legislation can prove to be a real headache for most companies who regularly ship goods to and from the EU.

Remember, mistakes can be costly, so to make sure you get it right not just once, but every time, we recommend you use the services of experienced customs compliance advisors.


Contact Cimpexad Ltd today, Brexit changes January 2022 advice starts at £150, any advice on documentation starting at £75. Training package for Incoterms 2020, we offer a subscription fee of £200. 

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What we can do for you:

Import & export advice
Keeping you to up to date with the changing rules and any new requirements you must meet.


Customs documentation
There are a variety of contracts, declarations, and documents you may need. We can advise what is required for your documentation.


Advice on import processes
Not sure how the Import/Export process works?
We are here for help and support.


The right freight forwarder/broker
We can recommend the right freight forwarder/broker that can help and support moving your goods.


Customs audit

We can advise on what is required during a customs audit.

Advice on carriers and brokers

You want the import or export of your goods to run smoothly, and that means using the right carriers and brokers. We'll help you come to an informed decision.


Helping and supporting  businesses in moving goods to and from the EU.

2020 advice

Advice on which incoterms are best for your business when moving goods.

Incoterm online training available.

Customs clearance declarations

Know what documents you will need, what you must declare, and more, to get your goods over the border safe and sound, with no delays.

Get in touch with Cimpexad Ltd, your customs clearance experts on EU and UK Imports/Exports are on hand to advise on January 2022 Brexit changes.

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